field technician

Steps to Become a Field Technician
Step 1: Obtain Postsecondary Education
A high school diploma is generally the minimum education required for a career as a field technician. However, certificate or associate's degree programs can expose individuals to the most current technologies and improve chances of employment upon completion. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that employers often prefer applicants who've completed postsecondary training specific to the industry.

Individuals interested in a career in electronics repair may benefit from taking courses in the discipline at a community college. Associate's degree programs in electronics and computer technology cover topics such as programming, networking and routing. Diesel technology certificate and associate's programs can provide the educational foundation required for heavy machinery field technicians. Individuals interested in working as field technicians in the computer industry may take postsecondary courses such as microcomputer systems, electronic circuits and computer analysis.

Step 2: Gain Work Experience
Field technicians may find employment with private companies or manufacturers. After hiring a field technician, employers often provide on-the-job training, regardless of an individual's postsecondary education. New employees can expect to learn the more technical details of a job during field training. For instance, entry-level field technicians in the heavy machinery industry may start out doing basic tasks under the supervision of an experienced technician and, with experience, gradually advance to conduct routine service and repairs independently.
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