SonicWALL firewalls are a staple of the small and medium business market. Everyone from small nonprofit organizations to medium-size and enterprise class businesses depend upon SonicWALL devices to secure their network communications.

SonicWALL's proprietary SonicOS operating system powers its firewall devices. Most every SonicWALL device is now powered by the SonicOS Enhanced operating system. The main difference between the two operating systems is the Enhanced version enables the system's firmware to provide ISP failover services, zone management and WAN load balancing.

The setup wizard
SonicWALL includes numerous wizards with its firewall devices. Available menus differ by model (for example, the WEP/WAP Encryption settings menu is available only on those models possessing wireless features).

The Setup Wizard is a time-saving tool that simplifies new router deployment. Or, if a network is being redesigned, a SonicWALL device can be reset to factory defaults and the Setup Wizard can be used to roll the device out anew.
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