what is a field service technician

Field service technicians install, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair equipment, which may include electronics, telecom equipment, or appliances. Retail businesses, cable companies, and service-based businesses hire field service technicians to work full time, typically first-shift hours during the week. Field service technicians travel to customer homes and businesses to repair and install equipment, and usually work independently with little daily supervision. Ultimately, field service technicians report to the service manager.

Field Service Technician Duties and Responsibilities
Daily duties for field service technicians differ based on the equipment they work with and the number of service calls they answer in a day. However, these core tasks are the same in most companies:

Install Equipment

Field service technicians install equipment and show customers how to operate it.

Troubleshoot and Repair Equipment

Field service technicians troubleshoot equipment to determine the cause of reported problems. Once the problem is identified, they repair equipment to restore it to full functionality. They also perform routine preventative maintenance.

Maintain Logs

Field service technicians write logs of every service call they perform and add notes to customer records.

Advise Customers

Field service technicians show customers how to use equipment and advise them on best practices to keep their equipment functioning well.

Perform Demonstrations

Field service technicians demonstrate equipment capabilities to customers and demonstrate how to perform various tasks, including simple maintenance.
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